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About Me


The cake chef.jpg

My name is Tarnia Patton. I am a very busy mum of two kids, managing BakeMyDay Kitchen, as well as working another part time job. This definitely keeps me on my toes. 

I have been decorating cakes and baking for many years, promoted by having kids - those guys don't stop eating! Cake decorating started as a hobby, after receiving a cake decorating book from a work 'book club'. I made a few cakes for my kids and family and realised I had a pretty good 'knack' for it. I started attending some classes and courses and before long, my hobby became a great little sideline in 2014.

I love the creative aspect of cake decorating and baking. Every cake that goes out is slightly different and has it's own personality. When you order a cake from me, you will receive an original creation. Everyone tweaked a little to ensure it's originality. 

Cake decorating then expanded into other areas. Fudge arrived in 2017, and markets and events shortly after that. 

The food and coffee van came into the picture in 2018 and I absolutely love attending local events and proving amazing coffee and healthy foods. This originated out of frustration when I couldn't get anything healthy to eat at any events I attended! (I still sell some yummy treats in the van of cause!)

As you can tell from the photo, All of my creations are created in my two Thermomix 6's (a little different to the one pictured!)

Everything is made from scratch to guarantee a perfect result every time. 

I can't wait to make you an original BakeMyDay creation as well!

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